A good Cuban is a thing of glory.  Spicy mustard, roasted pork, smoky ham, tangy pickle, luscious cheese.   What’s not to love?   Easily in the top 5 of the sandwich pantheon.

Garlicky Cuban Pork Sliders

More proof that just about anything that is usually wrapped in a tortilla can easily be repurposed to make an insanely great slider.

These are a combination of pulled pork cooked with cuban flavors topped with mojo. The spicy mayo and the sweet roll bring it home.

Pressure cooker turkey stock

I used to hate making stock. It required attention all day long and I rarely had the time. Using the pressure cooker to make it is game changing. Done in 3 hours, no skimming or futzing, just couple easy steps to beautiful, clear stock with deep turkey flavor.