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Remember that ice cream bar that asked you, what would you doooo for a … Screw that – i’d do anything for great carnitas. Crispy on the outside, porky on the inside, […]

Red Beans and Rice

Contrary to this dishes title, for me the point of making red beans and rice is the andouille sausage.  Smoky, porky, awesome.   The beans, the sauce, and the rice are a bonus.   Throw on some hot sauce and prepare for culinary bliss.


A good Cuban is a thing of glory.  Spicy mustard, roasted pork, smoky ham, tangy pickle, luscious cheese.   What’s not to love?   Easily in the top 5 of the sandwich pantheon.

Garlicky Cuban Pork Sliders

More proof that just about anything that is usually wrapped in a tortilla can easily be repurposed to make an insanely great slider.

These are a combination of pulled pork cooked with cuban flavors topped with mojo. The spicy mayo and the sweet roll bring it home.

Pulled Pork

It’s going to be a beautiful saturday, there is excess beer in the fridge, friends are coming over. Time to plot smoking a large hunk of meat for dinner.