The Brisket Plan

It’s brisket night!!   I wasn’t born in texas, so this is not ingrained in my DNA.  To pull it off, I need a plan.

Assuming 8-10 people, a 10-12 lb brisket, 10-12 hours of smoking, and 1-3 hours of rest:  we wind up with a minimum time of 11 hours and a max of 15.  For the plan we are going to assume the longest smoke and the shortest rest, so 13 hours.  It just so happens that is the shortest cook plus the longest rest too.

Working backwards from a 6pm eat time, that means we should get the brisket on the smoker at temp at 5am.  Which means a 4am alarm clock.  Fun.

Brisket Night Menu

Pregame Snacks:  Pimento CheeseBourdain’s Bitch’s Nuts

The 3 B’s:  Beans, Beer, and Brisket

Sumthin on the side:  ColeslawPotato Salad, Pickles

Dessert: Alka Seltzer Floats or whatever your guests bring ;-O


D – [7-21 days]

Buy your whole packer brisket.  Costco is a great source for this.  Look for prime.  The bigger the brisket the longer the cooking time.


Print off all the recipes


Go Grocery Shopping


Make Pimento Cheese

Make Nuts



Make Potato Salad

Wilt Cabbage and Carrots for Coleslaw

Cut and rub brisket

Soak Beans



4am:  WAKE UP

4:10am:  Fire up the grill

4:15am: Soak wood chunks

4:30 am: Get BBQ Guru on egg, get temp to stabilize at 250

4:45-5:00am: Brisket on

8:00am (every half hour till wrapped):  Spritz

9:00am: Start watching for the stall, wrap when it happens

10:00am: Make Coleslaw

1:00-4:00pm: wait for 203 degrees, evac from smoker, wrap in towel and put in cooler

4:30pm: start setting up for guests

5:00pm: guests arrive

6:00pm: slice brisket and eat