I’m a guy who is a recovering resturant junkie now living in the burbs. Once upon a time, I measured the quality of a month by the number of michelen stars I consumed. Alas no more, and while I can’t get to great restuarants as frequently as I used to, I can always make great food at home.

FryFry.me is an ever evolving online cookbook of the things I like to make for my family, my friends, and for me. It’s a decidedly part time endeavor and I am no pro, but it’s become a good reference source for me to remember what I make. I hope you can make some great stuff from these recipes as well.

There is no theme here, only stuff I want to eat. The descendents had it right, I like food, food is good! and life is too short to just eat one kind of food. I do however like hosting events around themes. You’ll find detailed guides (because I need a plan, and this is how I plan them) on that page.

Each recipe is versioned and lives on github (not quite yet, but getting there as I reformat old ones.) Time passes and recipes evolve. They do here as well. The code to generate the recipe tables is there as well. If you want to tweak something and share it back, please make a pull request!

All photos are taken on my iPhone. While I’d love to take more professional photos, in general I am hungry when the food in question is done. My belly takes precedence.

Sometimes, my recipes don’t make sense to me when I go back to make them again. If that happens to you, please let me know so I can fix it. But as with anything, if something doesn’t work or you really screw a dish up, don’t worry, order a pizza!  🙂