Feast of the eight fishes

Xmas time is here again, and while there is no robotic santa claus is coming to gun you down, there is time to adopt culinary ‘traditions’ of others!

One that has long captured my imagination is the italian feast of the seven eight fishes. I don’t know why the Italian’s settled on seven fishes, but i do know that it’s not a particularly nice number in chinese numerology, so I’m going for eight!

The goal of this dinner is to get prep done by 3 to put out the snacks around 4 with a fritto misto supplement around 4:30. We’ll serve the scallops around 5:15, salad 5:30, salmon 5:45, desert 6:00pm. Three off the items are ala minute (fritto misto, scallops, salmon), so enlist some help from your guests.


Snack Time

Shrimp Cocktail
Tuna poke on diakon
Open faced lobster rolls
Smoked trout pate with crackers (from santa monica seafood yummy)
Fritto Misto di Calamari


Seared Scallop with Asparagus and Bacon


Dungeness Crab Salad with Frisbee & Arugula

Main Course

Salmon with parsley caper sauce
Roasted Cauliflower


Chocolate Pudding

Dec 23rd

Print off all the recipes
Grocery shopping (except for fish. formatted table coming soon!)

Dec 24th

Time Action
7:00 am Go to fishmonger and get fish
8:00 am Assemble filing for lobster rolls, pop in fridge
8:30 am Make cocktail sauce for shrimp
1:00 pm Make pudding
2:30 pm Make parsley sauce, stash in fridge
2:45 pm Prep cauliflower, asparagus, lettuces, cucumber, etc
3:00 pm Make tuna, slice diakon on mandolin and stash in fridge
3:20 pm Portion salmon into blocks
3:30 pm Make dressing for salad
3:40 pm Assemble miss en place for fritto misto
3:45 pm Slice brioche and toast with butter
4:00 pm Put out shrimp with cocktail sauce and whitefish with crackers
4:05 pm Assemble open face lobster rolls, serve
4:10 pm Assemble tuna tartare on diakon, serve
4:15 pm Heat oil for fritto misto
4:30 pm Make batter and fry baby fry!
5:00 pm Make scallops
5:20 pm Make salad
5:35 pm Make salmon and cauliflower
6:00 pm Serve pudding

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