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Remember that ice cream bar that asked you, what would you doooo for a … Screw that – i’d do anything for great carnitas. Crispy on the outside, porky on the inside, […]

Steak Un-Taco

Someone doesn’t want carbs. You know that someone. But you want a taco. Or something with steak that has a mexican flair. Or just some steak with something that you could plausibly […]


Guacamole is a concert of fat (avocado), acid (lime), and salt (kosher). Get those three things in balance, and you have perfection. Don’t and gloppy green goop. Overall, keep it simple. You […]


Sopes are a great snack! This is a shell which can hold lots of stuff.   Carnitas,  goat cheese and arugula, chicken and tomatillo salsa…. Ingredients 2 cups masa harina 1 1/4 […]