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Pork Chili Verde

Comfort often comes at a price. Tons of ingredients. An arduous journey through prep. Long, slow cooks. Many ways to mess up. Usually it’s worth it, but sometimes you need the comfort but can’t make the effort.

This pork chili verde delivers comforting deliciousness, with almost no work. Just chop a few things, dump them in your instant pot, cook for a bit, take the sauce for a spin, and you have a bowl of awesome.

Serves:4. Prep Time: 20 minutes, Total Cook: 1.5 hours

Mise en Place
2 poblano peppers, seeded and roughly chopped 1 tbs kosher salt
2 anaheim peppers, seeded and roughly choppped 1 tbs fish sauce
2 jalepeno peppers, seeded and roughly chopped 1/4 cup water
1 lb tomatillos, husked and quartered SPICES
1/2 cup cilantro, stemmed 1 1/2 tbs cumin
1 large white onion, skinned and roughly chopped PROTEIN
10 cloves garlic 3 lbs pork shoulder, trimmed and cut into hunks

1 instant pot
1 stick blender

Step Action
1 put pork, peppers, tomatillos, onion, water, and salt into instant pot
2 pressure cook on high for 30 minutes
3 let cool for 15 minutes
4 release pressure
5 evac pork to a platter
6 add cilantro and fish sauce to pot
7 spin with stick blender till smooth
8 taste, add salt if needed
9 pour sauce over pork
10 serve and eat

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