Beer Brats

Let your inner wisconsinite shine. All hail the mighty beer brat!

Mise en Place
4 tbs butter 6 brats
1 tsp kosher salt VEGGIES
48 oz beer 2 medium onions, sliced
dijon mustard

1 dutch oven, medium low
1 grill, hot

Step Action
1 melt butter in dutch oven
2 add onions, salt, and cook till onions are just taking on a bit of color
3 while the onions are cooking (15-20 mins) get the grill started
4 add brats, cover with beer by 1 inch
5 bring to a boil
6 reduce to a simmer, cover, wait 1 minute, kill heat
7 wait 10-100 minutes
8 when ready to chow, evac sausages to a plate
9 grill sausages till brown, evac to plate
10 return onions/beer to a boil. kill heat.
11 fish out onions (or pour contents of dutch oven through a strainer)
12 serve brats with the onions and mustard


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