Meatball Sub

Making this sandwich is reason enough to make meatballs. The tomato sauce, the meat combined with the basil mayo, cheese, the crunch of the arugula, and soft sub bread combine for meatball sub perfection.

Best consumed with football and beer.

Scale as needed

Mise en Place
handful wild arugula meatballs, in tomato sauce
12 leaves basil STAPLES
2 tsp lemon juice 1/2 cup mayo
DAIRY sub rolls
pecorino, shaved

1 stick blender
1 sauce pan
1 mason jar

Step Action
1 cut leftover meatballs in half and warm up in sauce pan
2 slice down the middle of each roll, then scoop out the inside of the bread
3 fill mason jar with mayo, lemon juice, and basil. Use stick blender to blend into sauce
4 slather bread with basil mayo
5 On top section of bread, put arugula and cheese
6 On bottom section of bread, put meatballs along with sauce
7 fold to combine
8 eat

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