Baked Beans

A classic bbq side, it’s easy, just make sure you give it plenty of time. It can take a while. That said, if you are smoking something while you make this, time is on your side. If you need to speed it up, just increase the heat at the end, it’s ok really.

Mise en Place
Staples Meats
4 cans navy beans 1 lb thick cut bacon, cut into half inch chunks
1/2 cup molasses bbq scraps (burnt ends, etc if avail)
1 tbs mustard powder Veggies
1 tbs ground pepper 1 diced white onion
kosher salt

1 large dutch oven
1 pot boiling water
Oven @ 250

Step Action
1 In dutch oven, brown but don’t crisp bacon on medium heat
2 drain fat from dutch oven, leave bacon in pot
3 put onions, beans, molasses, mustard powder, and pepper on top of bacon
4 stir to combine, top with boiling water to cover by 1/2 inch
5 cover and bake 4-6 hours, check and stir every once in a while, if it needs more water add it
6 about 2 hours before go time, remove cover and let reduce, stirring every 15 minutes
7 once it is thick enough, taste and adjust salt
8 add in bbq trimmings if using, and serve/td>


Based on Sam Sifton’s version, found here

You’ll note from the picture that i don’t like my baked beans particularly saucy. If you do, just add more water.

This is part of the brisket plan

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