Ok campers, get ready to get up at 4am to make a 7pm dinner. But what a dinner! Holy amazeballs, home made brisket is good.

When making this, i suggest you follow the brisket plan. I do this on a big green egg, ymmv on other cookers.

Mise en Place
Staples Meats
1/3 cup kosher salt 1 Whole brisket, 12-16 lb
1/3 cup ground black pepper

Step Action
6:30 pm Make rub w/ salt & pepper
7 pm Trim brisket (many sites can help)
7:15 pm Rub and stash in fridge
7:30 pm Prep everything you are going to need for smoker
8 pm Go to bed
4 am Wake up
4:03 am Start coals for smoker
4:20 am Put coals in smoker, let come up to 275
4:30 am Add wood chunks
4:31 am Add place setter
4:32 am Add drip pan and fill with water
4:33 am Put grill on top and brisket on that
4:33 am Close it up and wait 4-7 hours
11:33 am Once you push past the stall, wrap in butcher paper
Sometime afternoon Meat is at 203, evac, wrap in blanket, stash in cooler
2-3 hours later Cut and serve!


Don’t panic!

I didn’t use enough rub.  More rub.

I might try putting it fat side down on the egg next time.


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