Spare Ribs

FryFry’s Ribs! . Done on the Big Green Egg.

Make some extra and enjoy a K-Rib later.

Mise en Place
Components Meats
Rib Rub #1 n racks o’ ribs
BBQ Sauce

1 Smoker at 275
Spritzer filled with 1/2 cider vinegar, 1/2 water
10-15 lb Wood chunks, I like applewood, ymmv
1 Foil roasting pan

Step Action
1 Rub ribs with rub.  Apply plenty to coat.  You can do this overnight, or at the start of getting the cooker ready.
2 Soak wood chips
3 Start charcoal in chimney starter
4 When hot, dump into big green egg or smoker of choice.
5 If using BGE, put place setter in place
6 Set temp to 275 on BBQ guru and let egg come to equilibrium (45 mins to 1 hr)
7 Remove place setter (its hot, use gloves!)
8 Put applewood chunks in egg
9 Put place setter back in egg
10 Put foil pan on place setter, fill halfway with water
11 Put grate on top
12 Put ribs on
13 Close smoker.
14 Two hours later, open smoker and lightly spritz ribs.
15 Close smoker
16 One hour later (spritz agin)
17 If bark is sufficient – sauce the top part of the ribs with pastry brush
18 Let cook 15 minutes
19 Meanwhile, make a piece of foil 2.5x as long as the ribs
20 Spritz, and put on a layer of sauce
21 Evac ribs and put meat side down on the foil
22 Sauce the bones
23 Close the foil
24 Put back on the smoker and cook for a total time of 5 hours
25 At 5 hour mark, open a part of the foil and test by trying to turn one of the bones.   If it turns you are good
26 Evac, rest for 30-45 minutes in foil
27 Eat!


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