The K-Rib

So you smoked two racks of ribs you smoked when you know the family can barely finish one? You’re in luck. Now you can make the k-rib.

Mise en Place
Rib meat
BBQ Sauce
Sliced Pickles
Hoagie Rolls
Melted Butter

Oven preheated to 350

Step Action
1 Take some foil, put 1 tbs of water and the rib meat on it, fold the foil over the meat so you have a pouch, and pop in the oven and cook 10-15 minutes
2 Meanwhile, brush your rolls with the melted butter and broil in the toaster oven (or in your regular oven, after the ribs are hot)
3 Once the meat is hot, evac to a cutting board, and chop it to bits
4 Move meat to a bowl and toss with some bbq sauce
5 Time to make the sammys. On one side of the rolls, cover with pickles, on the other side cover with meat.
6 Dig in!

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