Whipped Sweet Potatoes

It’s steak night! And, while it’s tempting to have a mountain of frites, or make mashed potatoes with enough butter to clog the arteries of a large moose, you decide that you should be somewhat healthy. Or at least as healthy as you can be when eating a massive rib eye chased with cabernet. But you don’t want to resort to pairing that juicy steak with broccoli. Nothing could be worse.

Enter the sweet potato. It can perform the same tricks as a regular potato, and its *good* for you. Or at least a little better. You could make the Frytanic, which would be its own kind of awesome, but that is a ton of work, so you decide to go mashed.

Or better whipped. Sweet potatoes don’t become glue like white potatoes when whipped. These are light, fluffy, sweet, with a hint of herbaciousness and acid. Perfect for that juicy hunk of meat

Takes 2 hours, Serves 4-6 as a side

Mise en Place
3 large sweet potatoes kosher salt
1 lemon, zested and juiced black pepper
2/3 cup creme fraiche 1/4 cup dill fronds

1 food processor
1 sheet pan
1 oven, preheated to 425

Step Action
1 scrub potatoes clean and poke them all over with a fork
2 roast still complely done, 1ish hour
3 evac and let cool
4 remove skin from potates, cut into 1 inch hunks and place into food processor
5 add creme freche, dill, lemon zest, 1/4 of lemon juice, two fingered pinch of salt, multiple grinds of pepper
6 pulse until whipped, you may need to scrape sides down
7 taste and decide if you need more lemon or seasoning
8 if serving immediately, reheat in microwave, otherwise stash in fridge
9 serve with your favorite protein

Inspired by Sam Kass’s excellent book Eat a little Better

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