Sea Bass, Artichokes, Cherry Tomato

Boy howdy. This sea bass will kick your ass.

The sauce is super simple. Cherry tomatoes, oil, and vinegar. Use enough salt to make it pop. Use enough vinegar to give it some bite. Make sure there is a hint of pepper. So good.

Then there is the fried artichokes. That’s hard you might think. Nope, super easy. Toss them in cornstarch, toss them around in some oil, and crunchy deliciousness.

And of course sea bass is yum. You can use other white fish if you like, but why?

Serves: 2 happy people, Takes 30 minutes

Mise en Place
1 can artichoke hearts, roughly chopped 12 cherry tomatoes, whole
1 tbs cornstarch 4 cherry tomatoes, sliced thin
1 tbs sherry vinegar 1/2 small shallot
olive oil 1 tbs parsley, minced
kosher salt SEAFOOD
black pepper, ground 1 lb chilean sea bass, sliced into 2 fillets
2 tbs butter

1 skillet
1 bowl
stick blender
large mason jar
plate, covered with paper towels
1 fine mesh strainer

Step Action
1 pat fish dry and season with kosher salt
2 toss 12 cherry tomatoes, shallot, vinegar, and 1/4 cup olive oil into jar along with a big pinch of salt and a few grinds of pepper
3 blend, taste and adjust seasoning.
4 toss artichoke hearts with cornstarch
5 add about 1/2 cup of oil and heat over medium heat
6 fry the artichokes
7 when golden evac to plate
8 add butter to skillet
9 saute fish (5-7 minutes a side, use canadian method, target 145 for done)
10 while fish cooks, get plates and strain sauce onto the bottom of the plat
11 when fish is done, place on sauce, top with tomatoes, then add fried artichokes, and finish with a sprinkle of parsley
12 serve and enjoy.

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