Smoked Strip Steak

Start with the best NY strip steak you can find. Season it aggressively. Then smoke. Low and Slow. Evac when just under medium rare. It will be a beautiful reddish hue. Pause to admire it and then sear it to create a good crust. Slice. Find Nirvana.

Mise en Place
kosher salt n ny strip steaks, trimed
canola oil

1 smoker, 220
1 cast iron skillet
1 temp probe

Step Action
1 let your steaks sit on the counter 30 minutes
2 generously apply salt and pepper on all sides
3 go and get your smoker smoking
4 with the biggest steak, insert probe into the middle of the meat, going through the long way (more probe in meat, easier to center, better temp reading)
5 stick meat on smoker
6 smoke
7 when meat reaches 120, start getting cast iron skillet hot with a thin layer of oil
8 when meat hits 125, evac meat
9 remove probe
10 sear meat in skillet, 1 minute per side
11 evac and let rest 5 minutes
12 serve whole, or slice against the grain and serve on a platter

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