Scallops, Watercress, Orange

Scallops. Pure yumm. Tender, meaty, buttery, a bit sweet, and a bit salty. They are good all by themselves.

But add a tang of acid, and some bite from a green, and a little crunch for texture and you’ve maximized their deliciousness.

That’s this dish, pan seared scallops, with orange adding the acid, watercress and red onion giving some bite, and almonds for a pleasing little crunch.

Not fancy, just easy awesomeness.

Serves n. Recipe is built for 1 appetizer serving, scale as needed.
Time: 30 minutes end to end

Mise en Place
1 tbs sliced almonds, toasted 1 small orange, segmented
1 tbs olive oil 1/4 cup watercress
1 tsp sherry vinegar 1 fingerful red onion, scliced long & thin
canola oil SEAFOOD
kosher salt 3 scallops
black pepper, ground

2 bowl
1 frying pan, medium high
paper towels

Step Action
1 let onion sit in a bowl of water for 30ish minutes
2 pat scallops dry, remove foot if present, season
3 in canola oil, sear scallops and set aside
4 kill heat, wipe clean
5 drain onion and add to pan along with oranges, oil, and vinegar
6 add watercress and let it wilt just a touch
7 plate, watercress and orange on the bottom, scallops on top
8 scatter almonds
9 eat

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