Guinness Stew

It’s St Patricks Day!!! Hooray! But you are trying to be low carb. Booo.

These things are not compatible. So you are going to have to compromise a bit. But still, you can’t have St. Patty’s day with out a Guinness, and Guinness is really good in a pie, so let’s turn the pie into a stew. It’s still got what you need.

Guinness. Beef. Combined for happiness. My goodness!!!

It’s ok, you can be back on the keto train tomorrow…

Serves at least 6
Time: 5 hours end to end

Mise en Place
4 tbs butter 2 medium onion, minced
2 cups chicken stock 2 carrots, peeled, cut into coins
1 16 oz can Guinness 1 stalk celery, sliced
2 tbs ap flour 12 crimini mushrooms, sliced
1 tbs kosher salt HERBS
fresh pepper 4 sprigs rosemary
kosher salt 4 sprigs thyme
canola oil 1 bay leaf
3-4 lb chuck roast, trimmed, 3/4 inch hunks

1 boquet garni baf
1 dutch oven
1 oven, 300
1 bowl

Step Action
1 stuff rosemary, thyme, bay leaf into boquet garni bag, set aside
2 season meat with 1 tbs of salt and a good dose of pepper
3 over medium high heat, heat canola oil and brown beef in batches. two-ish minutes per side. Place in bowl as you finish
4 when done, pour off excess oil, return to medium low heat
5 melt butter, and cook onions 5 minutes with a big pinch of kosher salt
6 add onions and celery, let cook 10 minutes more
7 add mushrooms, cook until they release liquid
8 add flour, stir and cook 2 minutes
9 take a sip of the Guinness to ensure that it is fresh and good tasting. If not, drink fully and open another can. repeat till you are on the last can of Guinness
10 add Guinness, stock, meat with any juices, and stir to combine
11 add boquet garni bag
12 cover and place in oven
13 cook 3-4 hours, until beef is fork tender
14 discard boquet garni bag
15 asses thickness of stew. If not thick enough, reduce on stove till you are satisfied
16 taste and adjust seasoning if needed
16 serve and eat

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