Strawberry Fig Ice Cream

Strawberries and Figs. Awesome together. Vanilla Ice Cream. Rockin’ when done well. Combine for dessert deliciousness.

Mise en Place
Fruits Dairy
1 lb Strawberries, husked, cut in half 2 cups heavy cream
1 lb Figs 1 cup whole milk/td>
1 lemon Juiced 5 egg yolks
2 cups Sugar 1/2 cup Sugar
1 Vanilla bean Kosher salt

2 pots
1 ice cream maker
2 mixing bowls
1 sieve
1 stick blender
1 ice bath
2 containers (small for jam, big for ice cream base)

Fruit jam directions
Step Action
1 In a mixing bowl, combine strawberries and figs. Fold in sugar. Let sit for 2-12 hours. Stir every hour or so.
2 Add everything to a pot with a pinch of salt, cook over medium high heat till it bubbles, then reduce heat to low. Cook till fruit is soft
3 Strain liquid from fruit. Reserve liquid for some other purpose (like strawberry fig vodka sodas)
4 Put strained fruit back into bowl, and hit it with the stick blender till smooth
5 Stir in half of lemon juice, taste, add more if needed
6 Chill in fridge

Ice cream base directions
Step Action
1 Combine cream, milk in pot, heat on low
2 Split vanilla bean, and scrape insides into pot. When done, drop bean into pot
3 Combine egg yolks and sugar in a bowl. Whisk till eggs take on a light yellow color.
4 Once cream has reached a bare simmer, take off heat and whisk slowly into eggs. You need to temper here, so add a tablespoon whisk in, then two tablespoons and whisk in, so on and so forth
5 Return combined mixture to pot, and heat over low heat to 170. Stirring constantly.
6 Evac mixture to container. Add a pinch of salt. Close container and put it carefully into ice bath. Let that sit for an hour or two, then refridgerate overnight.

Ice cream directions
Step Action
1 Add ice cream base into ice cream maker
2 Churn to about 75% done
3 Add jam and finish churning
4 Freeze overnight

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