Onions with Sausage and Peppers

All this time, you’ve been fooled. Sausage and Peppers is not about the sausage or the peppers.

It’s about the onions. Deeply caramelized, maybe slightly charred, sweet – eye closing deliciousness.

The sausage and the peppers are a nice counterpoint, but not the stars.

The other secret weapon is undercooking the sausage during the initial sear, then slicing up the sausage (a la cutup hotdogs in mac and cheese!) and searing the slices at the end to finish. This adds some yummy caramelization and makes family style service easier.

Serves two, multiplies well.

Mise en Place
Veggies Meats
1 large onion, skinned, cut in half and sliced 2 italian sweet sausage
2 bell peppers Trimmed, cut into sticks 1 italian hot sausage
cut in half and sliced 1 italian hot sausage
2 tbs canola oil kosher salt

1 cast iron skillet, medium hot

Step Action
1 Heat oil in skillet, then sear sausage 2 minutes a side or till nicely browned. Evac and set aside
2 Reduce heat to medium, add onions with a big pinch of salt.
3 Carmelize those onions (but not all the way)! This will take 10-15 minutes. Stir every couple minutes. When they get soft and golden brown, its time for next step
4 Increase heat to medium high, Add peppers with another big pinch of salt. You want these to take on some color, but you don’t want to cook them till completely soft
5 Slice the sausages. Add any accumlated juices to the onions and peppers
6 Push the veggies to one edge of the pan.
7 Put the sausages cut side down in the pan, brown for a minute or two and then flip and brown some more.
8 Kill heat, stir everything togther. Plate
9 Love the onions. Cleanse your pallete with sausage.

I specify the peppers here, but i usually mix it up, but i definitely like a mix.


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