Hash Browns

Glorious, glorious hash browns! Your breakfast needs them.

What your breakfast doesn’t need is pale, limp, unsalted, yuckiness. To avoid that horrible fate, you are going to need to plan ahead and do a little work the night before.

This version is buttery from the use of ghee. I like it like that, ymmv. If you are afraid of flavor, you can use some canola oil to fry them up instead of butter. Whatever you do, make sure you brown them well.

Serves: 6

Mise en Place
4 tbs ghee 4 large russet potatoes, peeled
2 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp ground pepper

1 pot, filled with water
1 cast iron skillet, medium hot
1 box grater

Step Action
1 cut potatoes in half, put in water and bring to a boil
2 boil potatoes till just cooked through 20-30 minutes
3 evac, and set aside to cool
4 once cool, pop in fridge overnight uncovered
5 in the morning, grate the potatoes
6 melt the ghee
7 add the potatoes in a single layer, sprinkle on salt and pepper
8 let brown undisturbed for a while (7-10 minutes)
9 flip, continue browning until they are browned to your satisfaction
10 evac to plate and serve

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needs some work

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