Thanksgiving sandwich

The best part of thanksgiving.  Good till Sunday.

Technique is important here and a napkin. The mashed potatoes serve to bind the whole thing together, so they need to be in the middle. Cranberry? yuck.

Mise en Place
Staples Leftovers
2 slices Wheat bread, toasted 1 part Stuffing
Mayo 1 part Mashed Potatoes
1 part Turkey, chopped up

Step Action
1 Put leftovers on plate, cover each with some gravy, microwave to reheat
2 Slather mayo on both sides of bread. Arrange bread on plate so its easy to flip top half onto bottom half.
3 On bottom slice of bread, place stuffing
4 On top slice, place turkey and then mashed potatoes
5 Flip top half onto bottom half
6 Eat, preferably while watching footbal

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