Farfalle with pancetta and corn

I dig pasta with cream sauce. This one has some late summer veggies, and a nice dose of pork product to make it interesting. This is another easy weeknight dish.

Mise en Place
Veggies Meats
1 cup cooked corn kernals 8 oz panchetta
1 small onion, small dice
1 dozen cherry tomatoes, halved
Dairy Staples
1/2 cup heavy cream 8 oz dry farfalle
4 tbs butter

1 pot salted, boiling water
1 colander
1 saute pan, medium low heat

Step Action
1 Prepare farfalle according to package directions
2 Meanwhile in saute pan, render pancetta. Set aside
3 In rendered fat, cook onions with a big pinch of salt till soft
4 When farfalle done, evac to colander
4 Add in corn and tomatoes to saute pan
5 Add in butter, melt. Then whisk in cream
6 Fold in fafalle, plate and serve

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