White Wine


2010 Kings Farm: 5/5 – great wine.  Lemon, apple, vanilla, honeysuckle.  Long finish, good acid, big mouthfeel.  3/20/17 – drink remaining bottles now.

2011 School house : 4/5 –  green apple, pear, vanilla, flint, acidic, long finish.  A very nice wine, very understated.  3/27/17 – drink now

2011 Martinelli Bella Vigna:  3/5 – good, not great, brioche, honeysuckle, apple.  They make better chards.  4/15/17

2012 Ceritas Porter-Bass:  4/5 – very delicious, medium acidity, medium body, very pale color.  Lemon, pear, and minerals.  Extended finish.   2/10/17 – try next bottle in 2018.

2013 Wayfarer:  5/5 – great wine.  Lemon, honeysuckle, brioche, flint.  Great balance, beautiful acid.  4/10/17, awesome, can’t wait to try the next one in a couple years.


2012 Claiborne & Churchill: 2/5 – might have been sitting around too long.  Very pronounced lychee, not enough acid to back it up.  Drank 2/11/17


Sauvignon Blanc

2014 Scholium Project La Severita Di Bruto: 3/5 – petrol, smoke on the nose.  sorta riesling like.  intense lemon, apricot, very acidic.  3/2/17 – This was the worst one of these i’ve had, a wine i usually like a lot.  i think it may be because it is the youngest i’ve drunk it.  i wonder how much the acid fades over the years and brings it into better balance.

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