Red Wines


NV Scholium Project Gardens of Babylon – 3/5.  Very different wine.  Pepper, earth, asphalt on the nose.  Blackberry, raspberry, soft tannins.  Acidic.  2/15/17 – Decent, don’t think this will improve in the bottle anymore, drink now.


2013 Cresta Velia – 3/5.  Too young right now (3/12/17), chocolate, plum, blackberry, coarse tannins.  A nice wine, maybe not as complex as a “95” point parker wine ought to be.


2013 Scholium Project, 1MN – 3/5.  Blackberry, cassis, tannic edge, high acid.  2/12/17 – Decent, needs food to go with it.


2011 Kesner – 4/5.  Light, delicious strawberry flavor, medium acid.  3/15/17 – A good solid offering.

Pinot Noir

2009 Flowers, DZ Vineyard – 3/5.  Strawberry, underripe cherry, currant.  Maybe a little boring without a lot of structure.  2/8/17 – One more bottle, drink asap no need to wait

2009 Schoolhouse – 5/5.  Cherry, cranberry, medium body, well balanced, firm tannins, long finish. took an hour to open up -2/21/17 drinking well, wait another year or two on that next bottle.

2010 Schoolhouse – 5/5.  Cherry, raspberry, more acidic than the 2009, less tannins softer too. 2/22/17 – really delicious definitely different but similar taste profile to the 09.  Reddish brown but with less brown.  Maybe I’ll pull an 11 tomorrow to see how it compares.

2012 School House – 5/5.  Cherry, cranberry,  earth, acidity of the 2010, tannins of the 2009.   2/23/17 – it’s been interesting tasting these back to back over a few days.  They all have a very similar profile with slight differences.  For the 2012, I’ll open the next one in 2020

2011 Martinelli Moonshine Ranch – 3/5. Cherry, Smoke, Vanilla.  Medium Body. 2/8/17 – bottle needed a few hours to mellow.

2012 Flowers, Sea view ridge block 17 – 3/5.  Strawberry, raspberry, orange, forest.  Some structure, but still light, plenty of acid.  2/17/17 – good, drink now.  The color was much more brown than I would have expected at this age.  Would be fine with chicken or salmon

2012 Ceritas Escarpa – 5/5.  This was very good, red cherry, strawberry, earth. Light and approachable, medium acid.   4/15/17 – loved it, think pizza.

2013 Occidental Cuvee Cathrine – 5/5.  Strawberry on the nose, cherry, forest floor, nice finish, soft, medium plus acid.  An excellent wine – 5/6/17 drink now.

2013 Hirsch Bohan-Dillon – 3/5.  Cherry on the nose, strawberry on the palate.  Very light, should have drunk this one sooner, i think it is past its prime.

2014 Rivers-Maria Kanzler – 4/5.  Cola, Blackberry, Blackcherry. Very fruity, low acid, soft tannins.  3/6/17 – Will wait a couple years on the next bottle


2007 Zio Tony Ranch – 4/5.  Blackberry, Currant, chocolate on the finish.  Tannins long soften, medium acid.  3/17 – drink now.

2009 Martinelli Vellutini Ranch – 4/5.  Blackberry, Leather.  Medium body, soft tannins. 2/9/17 – Drinking beautifully

2012 Lagier Meredith 3/5 –  Blackberry, pepper, medium acid, coarse tannins.  3/24/17 – needs some time in bottle, drink next one in 2019.

2012 School House Mescolonza 3/5 – Good workhorse wine, blackberry, pepper, leather, soft tannins, medium acid.  4/1/17 – great with bbq

2014 Lucia Gary’s Vineyard 4/5 – Big, medium/high acid, tight tannins.  Blueberry, dark fruits, gravel, pepper, long finish.  4/4/17 – needs time.

2014 Plumpjack Syrah 1/5 – Weird, maybe a bad bottle.  Didn’t like it at all.  Chocolate, fig, plum, with a bad aftertaste.  4/8/17.

2015 Arnott Roberts 3/5 – Fruity, blackberry, pepper, high acid, coarse tannins.  3/27/17 – needs a few years.


2010 Martinelli Vellutini Ranch – 4/5.   Blackberry, cherry, cola, pepper.  I like the 08’s better from memory.  Will give the next one another couple years and see.  4/15/17

2012 Giuseppe and Luisa – 4/5.  Blueberry, dark cherry, orange, vanilla, mint.  Medium acid, a bit rough tannins.  3/31/17 – Needs another couple of years.  Delicious.  Not wine candy like other of these.

2012 Carlisle Papera Ranch – 5/5.  Strawberry, rasberry, coal.  Medium acid, smooth tannis.   4/10/17 – This was a beautiful wine, makes me reconsider my decision not to buy more carlisle.

2012 Carlisle Saitone Vinegar – 2/5.  Sour, raspberry, cola, thin mouth feel.  5/5/17 – didn’t like this one much, was disappointed as carlisle is generally a hit.

2013 Carlisle Rossi Ranch – 3/5.  Dark cherry, blackberry, pepper.  Medium acid, smooth tannins.  2/19/17 – Drinking fine, looks young, maybe a bit rough around the edges which would be better in a few years.

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